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What is your Wednesday night Refuel Service like?

Each Wednesday, a group of students (Jr. High through College) meet to exalt the name of Christ.  A live band leads that time of worship.  Afterwards, there is a relevant message delivered to teach, encourage and to challenge each person to live a sold out life for Christ.  An invitation is given at the end of every service.

What does your Sunday School class consist of?

We are currently doing small group studies relevant to the student life.

What is On Fire Rally?

Each year, hundreds of students gather from the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw area to worship, hear a gospel message and fellowship around free pizza and sodas. Since 2000, the On Fire Rally has seen hundreds of students commit their life to Christ. For more info see the Rally Tab on this site, or visit the Facebook Page for On Fire Rally.

Where does The Rock Student Ministries go to camp?

Each summer we have a mission retreat designed to focus on spiritual renewing and youth group unity. For more info on where and when we are having our mission retreat, see our Retreat Tab on this site.